I’m pretty sure you have never heard of the word dotado (doh-ta-doh) and what it means. dotado is a Spanish term that means gifted, blessed, or to be endowed with. Gifted and being blessed with talents are the quintessential words that define the founder and creative mind behind dotado™ apparel, Sean James. His love for fashion, graphic design, art, literature, music, people, and living a positive lifestyle is what drives the dotado apparel brand forward.

dotado apparel is not your run-of-the-mill urban brand. We are adamant about honoring and elevating Black fashion by expanding its legitimacy and respect for Black designers through artsy and edgy designs.  Instead of begging for a seat or invitation to the fashion roundtable, Sean James seeks to build a present-day “fashion roundtable” for Black fashion brands and creatives. Sean wants to pay it forward and leave a legacy of helping and uniting Black fashion designers regardless of their stature in the industry.

The clothes we wear reflect our lifestyles, attitudes, and personalities. As an avid motorcycle rider and enthusiast who loves to ride in his spare time, Sean drives to design his line of leather and protective jean jackets. Passion, inspiration, and dedication represent the aspects of Sean’s life that led him to create a brand that you’ll love and that asks you to “Dare To Live Everyday.

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What's on my mind: depression

This is the second video for the 'What's on my mind' collection. It's called: depression. I share my thoughts on depression as it relates to me.

This collection of videos was created to help me develop my speaking skills, comfort level in front of the camera, and work on my video editing abilities. I hope it also helps to put a face to the brand. These series are intended to be laid back and unrehearsed 'What's on my mind' thoughts.

What's on my mind: focus

I have finally decided to follow through with an idea I have been thinking about for two years. The idea was to share what's on my mind in front of the camera for a few minutes. For me, this is an endeavor to hone my speaking skills and being vulnerable with the thoughts on my mind.

21 Jul 2020

We live in a world where the discussion of race has become stressful and even avoided. There are many variables as to why this is the case. A few of them are the lack of awareness: unintentionally or intentionally, the emotional load of coming into awareness by individuals who have benefited from racism despite their belief(s) that they are not racist. Despite all of this, accountability is a shared one...

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