• tracksuit - pants
    • Expected on May 27, 2022

    tracksuit - pants

    • $34.99

    On the go and just want to be comfortable and stylish? Need the right workout pants to meet your workout. The dotado™ apparel tracksuit pants are right for you.

  • tracksuit - jacket
    • Expected on May 27, 2022

    tracksuit - jacket

    • $44.99

    On the go and just want to be comfortable and stylish? Need the right warmup jacket to meet your workout. The dotado™ apparel tracksuit jacket is for you.

  • tracksuit - full set
    • Expected on May 27, 2022

    tracksuit - full set

    • $83.99

    On the go and just want to be comfortable and stylish? Need the right tracksuit to meet your workout. The dotado™ apparel tracksuit is just for you.

  • violator vest

    • $130.00

    The violator is the right choice for anyone who dares to break from the norm. Made of 100% premium top grain cowhide leather. Our quality construction will offer comfort to meet your expectations. You can wear this in any season over your choice of tee, hoodie, or flannel.

  • doap tank top

    • $25.00

    Express your excellence in this quality black tank top. You know it has to be great if the first two letters of the brand spell doap. Just as is the case for the dotado™ apparel brand.

  • Stop Racism T-Shirt

    • $25.00

    We are living in an era where we can affect positive change and dismantle a flawed system. Let's take the system down. Let's Stop Racism.

  • rogue armored jean jacket

    • $175.00

    Looking for a jean jacket that offers you style and protection? The dotado™ apparel rogue armored jean jacket is the answer. The deep blue 6-button denim jacket features removable paddings for those moments when you just need a jean jacket for casual moments. Our hidden YKK zipper makes sure your riding pleasure is enhanced by keeping the wind out. The CE rated padding is protected with an abrasion-resistant inset to offer you an extra level of protection at impact points: shoulder, forearm, elbow, and back.

  • 1000 kisses T-Shirt

    • $25.00

    Words carry weight. Especially when they possess profound meaning. You can say a lot without saying much. If you desire to make a bold statement while wearing a stylish t-shirt, you need this t-shirt. It inspired and approved by the renowned Hip-Hop artist Jay Electronica.

  • zip-up hooded Sweatshirt

    • $35.00

    Who says the details don’t matter? This branded mens zip up hoodie doesn’t miss a beat when it comes to the details and being unique. The gray sleeves with the black and white cuffs will have you feeling extra confident when worn. Note the smart look with supreme taping and refined tailoring. The big pockets serve many purposes. Set the drawstring to match your mood and style for the day. Enjoy and stand out from the crowd with our super soft and ultra-comfortable hooded sweatshirt.

  • carpe diem Sweatshirt

    • $40.00

    Carpe Diem means seize the day. Live now and be present because tomorrow can't do anything for you.  Make the most of your today by rocking our genuine leather patched carpe diem screen printed sweatshirt. You only live once. Don’t waste it by being unfashionable. This sweatshirt can be worn at any time; it just depends on your swagger.

  • dotado™ apparel Joggers

    • $35.00

    Our joggers are made with quality materials that keep your legs in comfort. You will relish how mainstream the style is and how easy it can be worn in many different situations. These joggers aren’t just for athletic people or purposes. The joggers are up to date and were designed to meet everyday demands and styles.

  • nomad Leather Jacket

    • $200.00

    We all need an eye-catching leather jacket in our wardrobe. You can find your inner motorcycle rider when wearing this distinct jacket. Liberation is what you will feel with our motorcycle inspired genuine leather jacket on your back. This jacket has our embroidered logo on the front and custom embroidered design on the back. This leather jacket was influenced by the motorcycle rider in all of us.

  • renegade Leather Jacket

    • $180.00

    Are you a fashion rebel? If so, this jacket is perfect for you. This jacket allows you to express and showcase your personality with style. Our renegade leather jacket provides you with a vintage look without feeling dated. Push the boundaries with this motorcycle motivated distressed brown leather jacket and let your inner rebel loose.

  • dotado™ dope T-Shirt

    • $25.00

    We aim to be excellent and doing everything in a simple but dope way. This t-shirt is for anyone who wants to make a serious statement. If you want to be dope, this is the only way to go. Dope is by doing it the dotado apparel way. This is why you need this shirt.

  • dotado™ classic T-Shirt

    • $25.00

    Our classic branded t-shirt is great for all informal occasions. Whether you’re going to brunch with friends, the park, the store, or wearing it to laid-back Fridays at work. You won’t be disappointed with this timeless and comfortable t-shirt. Its simple designed t-shirt and look will never get old.

  • urban vintage T-Shirt

    • $25.00

    Don’t confuse the word vintage with being unfashionable or unstylish. Our urban vintage t-shirt is bold and has a lasting character. So don’t cheat yourself. This shirt allows you to enjoy the simple art of fashion while being able to be worn in any situation your spirit desires.

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