Yes, I said it. The accountability is shared. We are all losers in the system of racism. The experience of racism is that one side benefits at far greater levels in most aspects of society. By no means do I intend to summarize racism with this post. The goal of the is post is to open the dialogue healthily so that it has meaningful results. It was only through educating myself about historical events that allowed me to speak to factual points relating to racism rather than responding emotionally. And if you are not aware of it - racism goes far deeper than slavery.

Racism is the tool that prevents a group from access to the slice of the apple pie. The same pie baked with the blood and sweat of the very people who don't have access to it.  Those who have access to the pie - have all the knives and utensils. And when they are taken away and given to the denied group(s): the very notion infringes on their construct of freedom and justice. It creates a fear of loss and fear they will starve without the pie. My goal is to engage and address the discussion so the process of healing and growth can start.

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